Delivery Driver Stole Puppy After Dropping Off Amazon Package, Tracking App Revealed his Steps


After dropping off a parcel in a home in Marsworth, southeast England in the United Kingdom, a delivery driver who worked under an independent delivery service left the property with a puppy. Identified as Levi Pislea, the 22-year-old delivery driver was convicted by the British court in stealing a miniature schnauzer in April last year.

According to Court News UK through CNN, Richard Guttfield, owner of the puppy named Wilma, found out that his 11-month-old dog was missing on April 27 in his home. He realised that his dog was missing when the Amazon delivery arrived, prompting him to contact Amazon right away.

As for Pislea, he was questioned by his FastUK manager regarding the miniature schnauzer. The delivery driver denied about Wilma and the break-in on the garden where the puppy was taken. However, an app was able to trace his steps during the theft, showing what really happened — he really did go into the garden. His manager immediately reported to the authorities after discovering Wilma in Pislea’s home.


Guttfield’s 11-month-old dog named Wilma. Image Source: Central News via Mirror UK

After four days, the miniature schnauzer was able to return to its owner and Fred, Guttfield’s second dog

“It’s so wonderful to be sitting here with a cup of tea with my pups together,” Guttfield posted on Facebook.

Court News UK reported the delivery driver continued to deny claims of theft even at court, saying he just found Wilma a mile away from Guttfield’s house. Despite deinal, the High Wycombe Magistrates Court sentenced him a 12-month community order, 150 hours of unpaid work, and a £705 (around A$1,200) fine.

“Pislea lied when he said he hadn’t been near the garden where the dog was — a lie that was proven by the tracker data of his steps. And it is clear that the garden was secure, meaning the dog could not have got out on its own,” said district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Andrew Morgan.

“He denied any knowledge of the dog when he was directly asked about it, and made no effort to reunite it with its owner over the four days that it was in his possession, all of which indicated his intention to keep it.”

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