Man Mauled to Death by His Pet Lion After Illegally Keeping Them for Three Years



A man from the Czech Republic, who illegally kept lions, was mauled by a lion and died.

According to a BBC report, the man named Michal Prasek bought a pair of lions back in 2016, with the intention of breeding them. Of course, bringing these big cats to your house will definitely attract some concern from your neighbors.

Reports say that Prasek’s father found his body inside the lion’s cage, and added that it had been locked from the inside.

Unfortunately for the beasts, they were shot dead by the police who was called to the scene. The authorities later said that killing the innocent lions were “absolutely necessary for them to get to the man.”

It’s interesting to note that the lioness was in a separate cage when the attack occurred, and not inside the cage of the male lion, where the man was found, as per Strait Times.

The cats were housed in home-made cages in Prasek’s backyard in Zdechov, Czech Republic, after procuring them from Slovakia.

Prasek had been illegally keeping the animals since 2016, as he had been denied permission to build them cages. He was also fined for illegally breeding the animals.

Before his demise, he had numerous brush ups with the authorities, but it got sidetracked when he started refusing anyone to enter his property.

Coupled with the lack of alternative facilities in the country, or even a proof of animal cruelty, the authorities were left with no choice and could not forcibly remove the animals.

And just last year, Prasek was in his local news when his pet lioness collided with a cyclist, as he was “taking her for a walk” while on a leash.

The police later deemed it a traffic accident.

Zdechov Mayor Tomas Kocourek said, “Today’s incident will perhaps finally help to resolve this long-term problem.”

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