Mitzi, ‘Britain’s fattest cat,’ Finally Finds Fur-rever Home


Image Source: Woodside Animal Welfare Trust Facebook Account

Already returned four times to an animal shelter, it looks like the fifth time’s the charm for the plump pussycat.

Mitzi first came to Woodside Sanctuary in Plymouth, Devon way back in 2017 after her owner died. The nine-year-old cat at that time already weighed 7.7kg or 17lb, giving her the nickname “Britain’s fattest cat.” Despite the cute nickname and looks, BBC reported the feline had an “extremely unlucky” adventure with owners as it has been returned to the shelter for four times.

“She’s such a sweet cat,” said shelter manager Helen Lecointe. “We really hope she’s found her fairy-tale ending.”

“It’s very unusual for a cat to be returned this many times but sadly she’s just been so unlucky,” she added. “It’s been ever so sad for Mitzi. There was an owner death, a change of circumstance and one owner became very ill.”

But everything changed when the shelter decided to place Mitzi into a strict diet in order to find her a fairy tale ending. Now, the known “Britain’s fattest cat” weighs 5.3kg or 11lbs and has found her fur-ever home.

There were a lot of adoption requests around the world, but Mitzi will stay with a family she’s familiar with — a family member of one of Mitzi’s previous owners. Mitzi’s new owners already wanted to adopt the plump pussycat after a family member died but was unable to do so in rented accommodation.

“We had offers from the US, Sweden and the Middle East, but we’re so pleased that we’ve found an owner who already knows her and loves her,” Ms Lecointe said.

The shelter will continue to look after Mitzi until her new owners move into a new home, which is until April this year.

As for how the cat got plump, nobody really knows the real cause. However, shelter staff said the reason might be that people from different houses fed her.

“Like all cats it seems she was very successful at adopting people,” Ms Lecointe said. “No-one owned her but everyone was feeding her.”

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