Beloved Saltwater Crocodile in Perth Zoo Dies


A 70-year old saltwater crocodile from Perth Zoo has died due to gastrointestinal issues.

According to, the saltie named Simmo, was a beloved and entertaining crocodile at the zoo. It was more than 4.75 metres long, and weighs at around 500 kilograms. The croc died on Wednesday, inside his exhibit.

The crocodile was a relatively low-maintenance animal to keep, as he required little to no food during colder seasons. It was not until the warmer months that Simmo really ate a lot.

Visitors to the Perth Zoo were entertained by Simmo when he leapt for his meals, and in fact during his prime, he can launch himself two metres in the air.

Before being housed in the zoo, Simmo was from the Darwin Harbour, but was removed due to concerns about public safety. He then spent several years at wildlife parks, including a Janamba crocodile facility in the Northern Territory.

In a report by Perth Now, it was not until 1998 when Simmo arrived at his forever home and was built with his own “bachelor pad,” which includes nifty features such as a heated pool, an artificial turf that is soft enough to protect the underside of his feet and belly.

It seems that the crocodile was a committed bachelor, as the zoo attempted numerous times to introduce him to a mate, but has resisted and got known for a rather anti-social behaviour.

Perth Zoo released a statement, which said, “Simmo may have been a fierce predator but he made many people smile, and will be remembered as a beloved crocodile.”

He was also considered as an “incredible ambassador” for the zoo, and was a special member of the Perth Zoo family.

The statement also tackled concerning his already failing health. “Despite the very best care, Simmo’s health deteriorated quickly. His well-being was always of great importance in the decades that he spent at Perth Zoo, right up until the end.”

Image Credit: Perth Zoo

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