A Decade Missing: Cat Finally Reunites With Owner


A pet cat went missing 10 years ago is back to its owner’s arms.

Flashback in 2008: Mark Salisbury, a resident of Ipswich, Suffolk that time, said his pet cat went missing. Then, fast forward 2018, the same pet cat suddenly appeared at the Ipswich branch of the Blue Cross.

The charity said the cat, named Harry, was taken into the said branch of animal charity Blue Cross. They were told the previous owner had passed away, according to a report by BBC. Although that’s the case, the charity got Harry’s microchip scanned and it was traced back to Mr Salisbury. Currently, Mr Salisbury lives in Gloucestershire.

After hearing the news in May, he was “surprised” and “so happy” to find out.

BBC reported that Mr Salisbury had two cats from a farm near Great Yarmouth during his early 30s, and one of them is the ginger and white kitten named Harry.

“He didn’t turn up one day when I was calling the pair of them in,” he said.

“His brother, who was always a hooligan, his behaviour changed markedly – he was very shy, wasn’t keen on going out and became very clingy.”

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Credit: Mark Salisbury via BBC

Recalling what happened 10 years ago, Mr Salisbury told BBC he almost gave up hope in searching for Harry for more than a year, but “could never quite bring myself to cancel the microchip”.

“Every time I moved home I would email the firm and update them,” he said.

“But after 10 years, you think that’s it and you make peace with that.”

Now, Harry is currently residing with Mr Salisbury’s mother Carolyn Clark. Mr Salisbury said it would be unfair to reintroducing Harry to his brother after 10 years

“Harry the cat adores living with us now,” said Ms Clark.

“Eventually we will let him go out and – hopefully – come back to us.”

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