Unusual Pairing: Russian Cat Fosters Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs


Eight hedgehogs were given a new lease on life after a cat acted as their surrogate mother in the Russian city of Vladivostok, as reported by the BBC.

Known as tiny hoglets, the cute brood refused to drink milk from a syringe, a bottle, and even a saucer for two days, according to Sadgorod zoo. During nighttime, the brood was placed with heating pads to stimulate their digestion, but still, nothing convinced them to drink up.

Then, Muska, the cat came to the rescue. She volunteered to care for the youngsters after their mother died in a lawn-mowing accident. Actually, Muska recently cared for kittens, meaning she has milk to offer. This promoted the zoo to try the unimaginable—a cat to become a surrogate mum for baby hedgehogs.

Fortunately, the baby hedgehogs reacted to Muska’s bodily warmth and the smell of the milk. The caring cat then proceeded to feed the orphans and nursed them for more than a week. Muska also comforted them during nighttime, Russia’s Vesti reported.

Currently, the hedgehog siblings are now eating by themselves. But do not fret; their feline guardian is still on the watch on the proceedings. The zoo has also shared a picture of a baby hedgehog happily snoozing in his food bowl on their Instagram page.



Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo’s media director, said that an “invasion” of hedgehogs is currently happening in eastern Russian this year.

However, the BBC reported that this unusual pairing is not the first of its kind. Way back in 2012, a cat, with the name of Sonya, took in four babies and cared and fed them alongside her own kitten.

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