Man Mauled to Death by His Pet Lion After Illegally Keeping Them for Three Years


Image Credit: ZDENEK NEMEC / MAFRA / PROFIMEDIA A man from the Czech Republic, who illegally kept lions, was mauled by a lion and died. According to a BBC report, the man named Michal Prasek bought a pair of lions back in 2016, with the intention of breeding them. Of course, bringing these big cats to your house will definitely attract some concern from your neighbors. Reports say that Prasek’s...

Mitzi, ‘Britain’s fattest cat,’ Finally Finds Fur-rever Home


Image Source: Woodside Animal Welfare Trust Facebook Account Already returned four times to an animal shelter, it looks like the fifth time’s the charm for the plump pussycat. Mitzi first came to Woodside Sanctuary in Plymouth, Devon way back in 2017 after her owner died. The nine-year-old cat at that time already weighed 7.7kg or 17lb, giving her the nickname “Britain’s fattest cat.” Despite the...

Delivery Driver Stole Puppy After Dropping Off Amazon Package, Tracking App Revealed his Steps


After dropping off a parcel in a home in Marsworth, southeast England in the United Kingdom, a delivery driver who worked under an independent delivery service left the property with a puppy. Identified as Levi Pislea, the 22-year-old delivery driver was convicted by the British court in stealing a miniature schnauzer in April last year. According to Court News UK through CNN, Richard Guttfield...

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