Omar the Cat May Be the Newest Longest Cat in the World


  Take a look at this fluffy Maine coon cat owned by Stephy Hirst of Melbourne, Australia. He may become a contender is getting the world longest cat from the current record holder.   According to BBC, Ms. Hirst said that Omar is currently 120cm (3 ft and 11 in) in length, which qualifies him to become a largest cat in the world.   The current record holder is a Maine coon cat named Ludo, who is...

A Decade Missing: Cat Finally Reunites With Owner


A pet cat went missing 10 years ago is back to its owner’s arms. Flashback in 2008: Mark Salisbury, a resident of Ipswich, Suffolk that time, said his pet cat went missing. Then, fast forward 2018, the same pet cat suddenly appeared at the Ipswich branch of the Blue Cross. The charity said the cat, named Harry, was taken into the said branch of animal charity Blue Cross. They were told the...

Cute Hand Sewn Cat Costumes Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Outfits


Meet Jessica aka @wahinepunk on Instagram, a veterinarian from Portland, Oregon who is a cat lover and fosters cute kittens. Two weeks ago she lost her sweet kitty. And to move on from her sadness, Jessica, who happens to be a solid fan of Taylor Swift, has come up with an idea to make costumes for her foster kittens based Two weeks ago she lost her sweet kitty. And to move on from her sadness...

Unusual Pairing: Russian Cat Fosters Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs


Eight hedgehogs were given a new lease on life after a cat acted as their surrogate mother in the Russian city of Vladivostok, as reported by the BBC. Known as tiny hoglets, the cute brood refused to drink milk from a syringe, a bottle, and even a saucer for two days, according to Sadgorod zoo. During nighttime, the brood was placed with heating pads to stimulate their digestion, but still...

Feral Dogs a Threat to Wildlife Says Experts


Dogs are currently killing a lot of animal species that they are now declared as a threat to wildlife. In a report by BBC News, feral or free-ranging dogs are one of the major reasons to the extinction of nearly a dozen of wild bird and animal species, and are now the third worst human-introduced predators after rats and cats. Moreover, dogs are now also said to threaten nearly 200 species of...

Beloved Saltwater Crocodile in Perth Zoo Dies


A 70-year old saltwater crocodile from Perth Zoo has died due to gastrointestinal issues. According to, the saltie named Simmo, was a beloved and entertaining crocodile at the zoo. It was more than 4.75 metres long, and weighs at around 500 kilograms. The croc died on Wednesday, inside his exhibit. The crocodile was a relatively low-maintenance animal to keep, as he required little to...

More Than Eighty ‘Frightened’ Chihuahua Dogs Found in Birmingham House


Started from two and now it’s 82. After calling in the police to investigate about a death in a property in Birmingham in the West Midlands, England, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is now called to investigate. According to a report by The Independent, the RSPCA was able to find 82 Chihuahua dogs on the property, and rescuers said the dogs were covered with...

Man Mauled to Death by His Pet Lion After Illegally Keeping Them for Three Years


Image Credit: ZDENEK NEMEC / MAFRA / PROFIMEDIA A man from the Czech Republic, who illegally kept lions, was mauled by a lion and died. According to a BBC report, the man named Michal Prasek bought a pair of lions back in 2016, with the intention of breeding them. Of course, bringing these big cats to your house will definitely attract some concern from your neighbors. Reports say that Prasek’s...

Delivery Driver Stole Puppy After Dropping Off Amazon Package, Tracking App Revealed his Steps


After dropping off a parcel in a home in Marsworth, southeast England in the United Kingdom, a delivery driver who worked under an independent delivery service left the property with a puppy. Identified as Levi Pislea, the 22-year-old delivery driver was convicted by the British court in stealing a miniature schnauzer in April last year. According to Court News UK through CNN, Richard Guttfield...

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